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A Path to a Sustainable Future

Join us in our quest to recycle Nitrogen. Our Patented N-Pure process to convert nitrogen in waste materials into clean ammonia nitrogen organic fertilizer is a key component to carbon sequestration and recycling nutrients.

Better for Farmers, better for our Planet

Our patented N-Pure recovery system captures Nitrogen from agricultural processes that otherwise would be lost to the environment.

N-Pure Industry Applications

Dairy Anaerobic Digestors, Swine Anaerobic, Digestors Rendering Facilities, Municipal Food Waste Systems and, On-Purpose Fertilizer Production

Nutrient Efficient Organic Agriculture

Nitrogen produced using our N-Pure process is as much as 60% more efficient than raw manure resulting in less nitrogen run-off and leaching into groundwater and waterways. Our products are registered with California Department of Food and Agriculture for use on organic crops.

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Pilot Studies Completed

Lab scale studies confirming the N-Pure process completed


CDFA Organic Approval

Received Organic Input Material registration from CDFA for Phytamin Pure and Phytamin Premier


Production Pilot Plant Completed

Began Sales to Organic Farms in California and Arizona


Patent Approval

Patent received from USPTO on process to produce natural ammonia from anaerobic digestate.


Label Approvals by CDFA

Received Organic Input Material registration for two additional natural ammonia products..

Our Process


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Legal Research


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